New Year Booking


I will be starting to book for the new year starting December 1.

The custom request form will open and flash will be posted. Flash will be available to purchase either as a one-off design or something that can be repeated. The one-off designs will go to the first person to put a deposit on the piece. I’d prefer that flash pieces stay as they are, but I am open to some small changes. Larger changer would be better submitted at custom booking requests.

Thanks to everyone for hanging with me during my healing time! January may be a slightly less packed month as my arm continues to heal. Looking forward to getting back in to top form again soon.


New Site Launch

Hello! Welcome to my new portfolio and website. I figured it was probably time to get everything set up on a new website. I am currently adding to my portfolio and available designs, as well as working through a new system for taking tattoo appointment requests. I am swapping to a system that allows me to pick which projects I will work on each month, which will in turn, will allow me to grow my portfolio in the way that I want to see it advance. I will be offering 10-15 custom appointment spots per month. The rest of the appointments will be from flash pieces that I will post on this site.

I apologize in advance to those whose projects I do not get to due to the new system. I feel like it will be the best choice for myself going forward, at least for the moment.